Culture generates the inner resources for a corporate. The tree of corporate relies on the root of culture. A strong root is decisive for the tree to grow. Where does our corporate come from? Where is our corporate going? What are we striving for? How shall we strive? All these questions are essential for a corporate to sustain, and the culture of a corporate provides answers from ideal, belief and value. As CSR Corporation Limited shoulders the mission to empower China's industry and modernize rail transportation equipment, we are eager to integrate the power and talent in our corporate. Same values bring same attitude, method and profess for work, only with this CSR can succeed in common career. We understand through communication and act after approval. That is where brand cultivation lies, where CSR value lies.

Consistency of the core of corporate culture and brand

--- The core of CSR culture is “responsibility”, the unshirkable responsibilities to the country, society, shareholders, customers and employees. CSR is responsible to empower the industry of China, to deliver sustainable transportation methods to the society, to create high profit for the shareholders, to provide customers high value-added services and products, as well as to establish a platform for employees to develop their careers.

--- The core of CSR brand is also “responsibility”. CSR is committed to provide Comfortable, Safe and Reliable products.

--- The name of CSR (CSR), its social responsibility (CSR) and the “core” of CSR (CSR) brand not only coincidently share the same wording, but also show the consistency of CSR from outside to inside.

Ideal, core value and value orientation

Ideal: empower equipment manufacture industry and become a leading player worldwide.

Core value: being grateful, place the interest of shareholders in the first position; customer first, dedicated to customers' demands People oriented, employees are part of CSR's successful story.

Value orientation: the value of human beings is higher than that of object – CSR can not only manufacture high-quality products, but also can cultivate high-quality talents.

The value of society is higher than that of profit – the social value is the highest end of a corporate instead of only profit.

The value of customers is higher than that of production –customers' demands drive a corporate to operate.

The value of teamwork is higher than that of individual – the success of a corporate is the success of individuals.

The spirit and work style of CSR

At CSR, we initiate the spirit of integrity, dedication, innovation and excellence.

Integrity: no lies, no exaggerations, be honest and sincere.

Dedication: dedicated to work at every moment.

Innovation: challenge oneself and welcome new things instead of being restricted by the passed experiences.

Excellence: set new target, surpass oneself.

At CSR, we initiate a work style of innovation, high efficiency, practicality and demanding.

Innovation: instead of being facetious or conspicuous, innovation is to keep pace with the times and shall be reflected in daily changes, product development and management innovation. An environment of innovation shall be forged and the “losers” shall be forgiven.

High efficiency: instead of being impulsive or only rapid, high efficiency shall be an earlier start and a quick success. Only high efficiency in mind can lead to high efficiency in action.

Practicality: instead of focused on superficial things, practicality is to work according to your college's, your leader's and your own requirements.

Demanding: demanding is to compare with your own past, with outstanding colleges, with the past of corporate and with the leader of rolling stock industry and to struggle for better.

Operation principle of CSR

--- Re-organized at the beginning of 21th Century, CSR is a young corporate with vitality and energetic features. Born in China more than 100 years ago, CSR is an old corporate and cradle of China's industrial civilization with long history and vast experiences of more than one century.

By summarize, refine and enrich the operation principle of one century, CSR has inherited the fine traditions and keeps pace with the times.

--- The operation principle leads CSR to the right direction.