CRRC Sifang is committed to manufacturing safe, environment-friendly, comfortable transport equipment and hangs on to the opportunities due to rapidly development of railway and urban rail transit, accurately positions enterprise development strategy, and continuously accelerates technical modification pace, which makes CSR Sifang jump as world first rank rail transportation equipment manufacture enterprise.
Currently, the company possesses world first class manufacture lines for stainless steel carbody, aluminum alloy carbody, and bogie. These production lines are set with advanced auto welding robots and auto jigs and fixtures. The company also has such auto production lines as the bogie auto welding, hollow axle auto manufacture, frame flexible manufacture. The joint control and commissioning of all equipments and transporting system within the production is realized, which possesses on line test, remote on line management and auto control function. The company has assembly production line for high speed EMU, intercity and metro vehicles. The manufacture technology flow follows lean production mode to design, organizes manufacture according to"AKT and pull"mode and adopts air cushion transport for logistics. We realized interior equipment modularized preassembly and mechanized and automatically installation for underneath car equipment. The company also has advanced manufacture platforms such as aluminum alloy stir fiction welding technology, stainless steel laser welding technology, tension molding and auto adjusting and testing technology. This not only satisfies main business manufacture need but adapts to diversified market trend with multi-variety rapid transfer and parallel manufacture capability. At present, the company can realize final assembly 200 high-speed trains (1600 cars) per year; final assembly 1000 cars of mass transit metro vehicles per year; final assembly 300 cars of top-grade passenger car and DMUs per year; fifth level maintenance and repair of 150 trains of high-speed EMU per year and 480 cars of stainless steel EMU carbody per year.