The National Engineering Laboratory of System Integration for High-speed Train (south), authorized by National Development and Reform Commission and relying on CRRC Sifang, is an internationally first-class rail equipment research and development base and also an important carrier for technical innovation system of high-speed train.

There are 15 large test equipments such as rolling test stand for comprehensive performance of complete car, test stand for vibration simulation on complete car, test stand for carbody air tightness, test stand for inter-car relationship, test stand for vision, test stand for electromagnetic compatibility, test stand for vibration and impact on integrated structural parts of train, test stand for static strength and fatigue of bogie, test stand for noise, test stand for carbody strength, test stand for comprehensive network control of complete train, test stand for matching of air conditioning and ventilation system, test stand for brake simulation, test stand for auxiliary power supply and test stand for fatigue of wheel and axle, and test control center and the virtual reality center, open to social public area and rail transportation field for test research and verification of key technologies such as rail transportation vehicle system integration, vehicle dynamics, structure strength and reliability, mechanical vibration, noise control and electromagnetic compatibility of electronic equipment, and train ergonomics. It is divided into 5 professional laboratories with system integration, structural strength and reliability, ergonomics, electric engineering and dynamics which will be the research and development testing base with most perfect function and most advanced technology.

The laboratory is a relatively independent research entity, in which Board of Directors, Management Committee and Technical Committee are set up. It applies the mode of enterprise operation and takes advantage of division of labor with individual responsibility and joint leadership of enterprise, Board of Directors and Management Committee which consist of Research Department, Laboratory Department and General Office.

Under the guidance of national industry and science & technology policy, the laboratory takes the operation mechanism of "openness, mobility, union and competition" with making service in the industry as target, market as guidance, subject research as carrier and industry-university-research as main form. It takes advantages of leadership in industry, advanced facilities, talent aggregation and flexible mechanism fully and develops research and academic exchanges in basic technology, experimental verification, cutting edge technology and experimental method by flexible means such as union and communication with facing domestic and foreign research institutions, colleges and universities and enterprises and institutions.


Test Stand of Complete Train Rolling Comprehensive Performance   Air Tightness Stand of Carbody and Component