National Engineering Research Center for High-speed EMU is the first engineering center in the field of rail equipment manufacture, formally constructed in Jan. 7th, 2011 with authorization of national ministry of science and technology and support of CRRC Sifang.

As an important technology innovation platform of company, the engineering center hangs on to research and development of products on future demand of railway vehicle, technological breakthrough and industrial promotion of key system and key parts, research of simulation technology and establishment of simulation platform, process development and digital manufacturing technology, systematic, supportive and engineering research and development of science and research projects for high speed train with important application prospect, research of basic theory, advanced technology and extended technology.

Centering on basic application technology of rail transportation and product technology, engineering application research is carried out and discipline construction is built in terms of nine areas, such as system engineering, vehicle dynamics, electrical and information engineering, structure and strength, material application, fluid dynamics, vibration and noise, ergonomics and manufacturing technology. Fully functional simulation analysis and experimental verification capabilities with comprehensive coverage of disciplines is established, supporting research and development, design optimization and performance validation of railway vehicle products, such as CRH380A - new-generation high-speed EMU, very high speed test train, CRH6 series of intercity EMU. Important programs are undertaken including the "Twelfth Five-Year" National Technology Support Program - key technology research and equipment development for bogies of very high speed EMU, key technology research and prototype train development of intelligent high-speed train system, and national 863 program – development of high-speed train traction drive system, high-speed train technology platform and series model based on permanent-magnetic motor. Combined with the company's "go global" strategy, it actively carry out international communication and cooperation, and develop 100% low-floor tram project with Swiss PROSE company by full use of international technical resources. Carry out technological research of extended industries based on sustainable development needs with support of high degree of system integration capabilities, comprehensive product assembly manufacturing capabilities and design and development capabilities for large complex equipment.