The Company sticks to standardization, whole staff training, knowledge management, the improving of staff's value as the guide to satisfy research and manufacture of high-speed EMU, mass transit metro vehicle and top-grade rail passenger car. The Company sticks to the improving of enterprise constant and healthy development as the foothold and promotion of staff's professional knowledge, occupation skill, quality and literacy as the focus to reform training thinking and comprehensively promote staff training and the building of development of new mechanism and system.

The improved training system to satisfy the training demand of different levels in company comprehensively;

Cultivate three talent teams of production operation, management and professional technology to satisfy the urgent need of Company constant development over talent;

Implement training of new employed staff training and realize role transfer rapidly;

Honor the training commit of company to the user and ensure the normal application and maintenance of rail transit product.

Provide training consultancy and service of the industry and related area, and actively carry out international cooperation and training communication.