Guided by quality, efficiency and benefit, aimed at establishing lean production management mode with the characteristics of CSR Sifang, based on the principle of "centralized leadership, comprehensive plan, systematic promotion and steady implementation", following the general thinking of "set up benchmark, advance for different lines, overall expand and sustained improvement", CSR Sifang has implemented the impulse production for production lines of EMU, metro cars and EMU maintenance. The company explored to establish lean supply chain, apply tools and methods of lean production, integrate LP idea into daily life, cultivate the ability of employee to apply LP idea to solve real production problem and improve LP management level. The Company has achieved certain results in terms of quality, efficiency and benefit after 4 years of application of lean production. The production capability has been improved by 100% with 60% increased number of line workers; the overall quantity of work procedure products has reduced by 25% averagely; the standard material consumption such as raw material has reduced by more than 1% annually; calculated economic cost of about 60 million yuan was saved through improvement of proposals.