As the core enterprise of CSR Corporation Limited, CSR Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CSR Sifang) is China's industrialization base of manufacturing high-speed trains, the leading enterprise to design and manufacture the top-grade passenger cars, the state-accredited manufacturers of the domestic subway and light rail cars and the important export manufacturing base of the national rail transportation equipment.

CSR Sifang is of integrate system containing independent development, large-scale manufacture and excellent service. As a national high-tech enterprise, the Company possesses National Engineering Technology Research Center for High-speed EMU Final Assembly and National Engineering Laboratory for System Integration of High-speed Train, National R&D Center and post-doctoral work stations. With leading simulation test platform, complete high-level R&D team and open technology innovation system combining efforts from universities, research institutes and enterprises, CSR Sifang has formed strong technical innovation capacity through the scientific and strict research and development process, the researching and developing teams with a full range of professional specialties and proper hierarchical structure as well as the technical innovation system with open-style industry, education and research and the integrated test and verification system. At present, the Company ranks word leading position in terms of high-speed train technique, LIM metro vehicle technique and plateau railway passenger train technique. CSR Sifang covers an area of 1.34 million square meters, possessing a well-equipped manufacturing base with advanced process, specialization and scale. Four product manufacture platforms for High-speed EMU, mass transit vehicle, high-grade passenger train and diesel engineer product have been formed. The manufacturing capacity has moved towards the world leading rank.

CSR Sifang is at the top position in researching, developing and manufacturing the high-speed EMUs and inter-city EMUs. The first high-speed EMUs at 200 km/h, 300 km/h and 380 km/h and the first Very High Speed Test Train at 500 km/h in China were all born in CSR Sifang. In 2012, CSR Sifang successfully developed the first Inter-city EMU in China and set up a new technical platform of Intercity EMU–CINOVA. At present, CSR Sifang has formed a highly serialized products portfolio covering high-speed and intercity EMUs at different speed levels and with different compositions. No other domestic company has delivered more high-speed EMUs with more configurations or longer safe operation mileage than CSR Sifang.

Qinghai–Tibet railway engineering program that CSR Sifang participated in has got the special prize for the national scientific and technical advancement. The bogie of CRH2 EMU developed and manufactured by CSR Sifang has got the first prize for the national scientific and technical advancement. The rail transportation equipments of CSR Sifang have been exported to 20 countries throughout the world while satisfying the requirement of the domestic railway market and the mass transit vehicle market.

As a rail transportation equipment manufacturer, CSR Sifang will continue to focus on our social responsibilities to create green transportation means that provides harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and to forge the most socially accountable industry pioneer and an internationally competitive enterprise.