Ⅰ General Information

1.Establishment of standardized service station.

Establish the standardized service stations for EMUs and improve efficiency and quality of after-sales service according to the principle of "modularization of hardware configuration, standardization of on-site operation, normalization of daily management".

2.Establishment of operation and maintenance information platform.

Based on the establishment of operation and maintenance information platform, normalize the feedback and handling process of product service information, establish emergency command center, provide efficient remote technical support and standardize remote command process for service field and users with setting up "400" free phones, telephone conference system and "Expert Consultation" platform so as to realize the interaction of experts in company, field specialists and experts in railways and ensure the orderly command, united channel and shared information of product emergency handling.

3.Establishment of after-sales service team.

It is multilevel and multi-professional after-sales service team which consists of management, technical, operating and supply-side personnel.

4.Product service information feedback and handling mechanism.

Establish scientific and standardized after-sales service information feedback and report process, feedback the after-sales service information to the company and record it in FRACAS system timely by the methods of journal report, monthly report and important information feedback to make product application failure handled effectively the first time and form closed-loop management.

5.Establishment of after-sales service management system.

The complete after-sales service management system includes personnel management, product information, performance assessment, fittings management, safe field, skill training, quality control, supplier management. Normalize the overseas after-sales service station management completely.

6.Establishment of on-site operation standardization.

Operation standards and training papers for 8 types of models have developed according to operation features and operation modes of EMU after-sales service and the operation information and operation standards of after-sales service have been normalized comprehensively and systematically, including Emergency Response Manual for Failure, Typical Cases of Product Failure, Operation Instructions for Ground Maintenance, Record Table of Spot Inspection in Warehouse and Record Table of Adding Passengers. Diagnostics Engineer Basic Knowledge Manual, Video Materials and Online Exam System shall be included.

7.Reserve and management of after-sales service fittings.

According to the detailed list supplied by Technical Department, combining the field experience, with the orientation of fault and based on the principle of "warehouse in and out inspection, first input first output, dynamic supplement", implement the parts reserve and ensure sufficient and proper supply to meet service requirements by the method of joint reserve of user, primary depot and supplier and with normative procurement channel.

8.Set-up of after-sales service green channel.

Based on the principle of "Customer First, the Outside before the Inside", mobilize the preponderant resources and open green channel for after-sales service so as to satisfy the demand of human resources, the parts supply and technical support from after-sales service field and ensure the timely and effective handling of product failure.

Ⅱ Operation Mode

1.Normalized organization: CRRC Sifang has taken the lead in establishing the Maintenance and Service Business Division among domestic EMU manufacturers and established the normalized organization which consists of one headquarters, three regional centers, twenty three after-sales service stations, covering twenty three EMU maintenance facilities of nine railway administrations nationwide.

2.Un-normalized organization: Un-normalized service is applied for "Three News" (new vehicle online, new line open, new EMU maintenance facility establishment) and special periods like Spring Festival and Golden Week and set up leading group for after-sales service, joint working group, stationed panel, operation group for ground spot inspection and operation monitoring based on normalization to subcontract and ensure implementation.

Ⅲ Service Performance

Facing the features of various EMU types (including 7 types with 3 speed levels), large amount (till now, 328 EMUs have been delivered which accounts for 39.38% of total delivered EMUs nationwide), wide distribution (covering 19 EMU maintenance facilities of 9 railway administrations with complicated operation environment), the Company has delivered 328 high-speed EMUs in total by April, 2013 and safe operation mileage has reached 457.9 million kilometers with the hardworking of after-sales service personnel for EMUs.