The R&D team has the personnel constitution system with complete professional categories and rational hierarchical structure. The employees graduate from college above, among which the post-graduates account for 10% and undergraduates 85%.

The echelon R&D design positions, including chief engineer, principal designer, senior designer, designer and assistant designer, not only can prepare technical reserve for the long-term development, but also can adapt to the current market demands.

Responsibilities of the R&D Department:

— R&D and engineering design of the order product and perspective research projects;

— Digestion, absorption and innovation of the advanced technology introduced;

— Degin of the passenger coaches exported;

— Refurbishment and design of the domestic passenger coaches;

— R&D of various types of rail-road shunters;

— R&D of special rail-road engineering vehicles;

— R&D of bogies of high-grade engineering vehicles;

— Design, and R&D of locomotive (power car) and electrical control cabinet.