The big components producted mainly include wheelset, bogie frame, control cabinet and console. The company has the annual overhauling and manufacturing capacity of 20000 wheelsets. It has the maintenance and manufacturing capacity of all models of wheel-sets, except for wheel-set of high speed EMUs. It can produce all types of wheel axles of China Railway, such as RD3、RD4、RD3A、RD4A、RD10A、RC3、RC4、AM96, and so on.

The types of the bogie overhauled mainly include Type 202, 211 series, SW-220K type and AM96 type. It has the A4-I overhaul certificate only in China’s railway.

The development and manufacture capacity of railway engineering van and metallurgy bogie has been initially formed. The supporting business share of EMUs and rail transit vehicles has been gradually enlarged and it has been an important parter of Qingdao CSR Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. and BST. Batch production of the key components, such as exported metro frame, domestic railway passenger coach frame and metro headstocks, has been realized.