By perfecting project management and the hierarchically-operated technical innovation system management mode, CSR Sifang Co., Ltd. has taken positive actions in R&D, centering on the development direction of the complete products, such as passenger carriage, locomotive, multiple units train and rail-road vehicle, and the manufacturing of the supporting parts of railway transportation. Integrating the future development requirements, the company has set up the common technology platform for its products, eg. EMUs, starting from traction system, braking system, network control system, air-conditioning system, public address system and power system according to the modularization concept. The organic combination of technologic exploiture and settlement of its actual problems has effectively ensured the smooth progress of the production & operation and maket expansion to promote its development.

The company has a provincial level technical center and is a nationally accredited high and new technical company. The company puts emphasis on patent strategy, so at present it has already got 60 pieces, including 57 utility model and 3 patents for invention.