High-point layout, struggling endeavor and sustainable developm

As Jiaoji railway was constructed, CRRC Sifang Company, the predecessor of Sifang Rolling Stock Co.,Ltd., was founded in 1900. For more than a century, the company has been committed to research and development, manufacturing and services of railway locomotive and rolling stock products to provide users with of rolling stock and related railway products generation by generation.

With transformation of Sifang Company in 2002, CRRC Sifang Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. has embarked on the road of Phoenix resurrection. Going through continuous reform & innovation, and exploration & practice,the company has built a passionate, pragmatic and highly efficient management team which adheres to responsibility culture and an innovative technology R&D and product design team. Meanwhile it has trained a highly skilled, high-quality and intensively cultivated industrial employees and created a sincere, enthusiastic, cooperative and regulated marketing and customer service team. “Integrated operation and intensive development” management mode has been formed and showed tenacious vitality and capacity of sustainable development.

Customer service is always our goal. We have been providing customers with quality products and services in supplying various fittings and components of high-speed rail and EMUs, manufacturing and refurbishing of all types of passenger coaches, and development and manufacturing of rail-road vehicle. Our enterprise mission: the company will have the first-class technology, manufacture the high-quality products and train the top-ranking employees to provide users with the most valuable green products and build it to the industry pioneer with best social responsibility. It will also keep the enterprise spirits of “credit, dedication, innovation, excellence” and persist in working attitudes of “seeking innovation, seeking fastness, seeking truth, seeking excellence” to create “a rail transportation solution provider focusing on customers’ needs”.

Perfect technology innovation system is the significant engine to strengthen core competitiveness of our company and push it to stride forward to first-class enterprise of the world. High-end, precise, intelligent and environmental protection manufacturing facilities are the reliable guarantee of sustainable and sound, rapid and efficient development. Aftersales service team full of integrity, dedication and standard criteria is the important support to respond quickly to customers’ needs,ensure safety and reliability of products and enhance the company’s brand.

CRRC Sifang Co., Ltd. will continue to innovate and make progresses in China’s reform and opening up.

CRRC Sifang Co., Ltd. will make new contributions in the tide of rapid development of China railway.

Chunsheng Xia

Executive Director & President