Human Resource

Talents are the inexhaustible impetus of an company to make sustainable development and maintain build to last. The company devotes itself to realizing the common development of both the company and its employees from beginning to end, providing the development platform for different kinds of talents by designing their careers separately. It has established a proactive and scientific mechanism for the talents’selection, cultivation and reservation, and has created the platform for various kinds of talents to show their ability and learn to develop.

1. The company has prepared a detailed career development planning, defining clearly the promotion channel of various kinds of personnel, which enables the talents to give their full play and get an improvement.

2. The company offers a broadband remuneration system based on performance and ability.

On the basis of overall performance management, the company has built a salary distribution system, which takes the post value as its core and calculates according to the employees’ performance and ability. The broadband remuneration system that one postion corresponds with different pays has constructed the employees’ career channel, and at the same time it takes flexible and competitive distribution mode aiming at the characteristics of different groups.

3. The company has established a perfect training system for the talents’ development.

The company has established a perfect training system with the principle of “fixed sum for a fixed purpose”, extracting educational appropriations in strict accordance with the regulations of the country. According to the needs of the company’s development and the employees’career development, it has formulated personalized training plan for each employee, continuously enhances their vocational skills and enriches their professional knowledge by holding regular on-the-job training, adaptive training, further education, on-the-job post-graduate education as well as overseas trainings,etc to provide human resources support for the company’s sustainable development.

4. The company provides the employees with perfect welfare and social insurance guarantees.