Power Semiconductor Product



The company is striving for becoming one of the top 3 suppliers of power semiconductor device industry. With the successful acquisition of Dynex Power Inc. in 2008, the company started multinational operation. The power semiconductor product range covers thyristor, diode, IGCT, IGBT and power assemblies. In 2006, the very first 6 inch thyristor for HVDC power transmission was developed. China’s first and the world’s second 8 inch IGBT production line started operation in 2014. The company is the only one in the country has possessed thyristor, diode, IGCT, IGBT, SiC device and power assembly technology all together and built a complete industrial chain of “wafer-module-assembly-inverter-application”.


High-end Spare Part Product



Sensor product: with 6 categories, 12 series, more than 600 specification of current sensor, voltage sensor, displacement sensor, pressure transmitter, speed sensor and temperature sensor applied to railway transportation and industrial control areas, the company is railway standard writer of the area.

Laminated Busbar



With the advantages of low resistance, low inductance, high reliability and high secure level, laminated busbar is widely applied to railway transportation, energy, military, ship, communication, power converting, industrial frequency conversion areas. 9 kinds of laminated busbar product passed GE qualification. In control technology product area, the company has a variety range of sensor product line and could provide testing system package for transformers, inverters, electric motors, train network product and other electric product. The company has the technology platform and manufacturing system of bipolar device, IGCT, IGBT, hence is capable of providing package solution for power electronics equipment manufacturers.