CRRC Zhuzhou Institute was established in 1959, formerly as Zhuzhou Electrical Locomotive Research Institute of Ministry of Railways, and currently is a CRRC.

With development of the past fifty Zhuzhou Institute witnessed China railway technology and business progressing and insists on priority of technology and creation. It has formed four business sections, including Electric driving and automation, Polymer composite material application, New energy equipment, and Power (basic) equipment 10 business units, 3 listed companies, 8 state-level scientific research innovation platforms, 2 enterprise postdoctoral scientific research workstations, 5 overseas R&D centers as well as 12 overseas subsidiaries or branches, with sales revenue 30 billion RMB in 2015.

Via technology introduce, digest and CRRC Zhuzhou Institute has possessed independent R&D and creation capability, built independent creation R&D platform on railway traction drive and control system, mastered mature and advanced core technology such as Integration of Electric System, Converting and Control, Onboard Control & Diagnosis, Power Semiconductor Device, Polymer Composite Material Engineering Application, Train Operation Control, Wind Power Equipment Integration and Core Components Technology, EV System Integration and Key Component Technology, Engineering Machinery & Its Electric Control, Communication & Information Application, synchronously realized to design, manufacture and inspection &test platform.

CRRC Zhuzhou Institute will keep creating and leading the industry, promote with“4425” strategy, firmly step towards “the 13th five-year” target of 50billion RMB, and become an international business group with top technology, management, efficiency and quality.

Endless innovation, ceaseless leading. CRRC Zhuzhou Institute will continue to carry the enterprise spirit of “Credit, Dedication, Innovation and Excellence”, endeavor to complete the “3 Leap” project (leaping over 10 billion Yuan sales income in 2010, 20 billion Yuan in 2013, 30 billion Yuan in 2015), target at being “the leader in the field of electric drive and new material application, the best of relevant diversified industries, the perfect operator of capital operation and assets management.