CRRC serves the rail component market through its activities in the fields of diesel engine, motor, locomotive, coach, forgings and castings. Our expertise lies in designing and manufacturing a comprehensive range of components, while we maintain good quality, reasonable price and quick turnarounds. We can provide a cost-effective and timely solution to parts or components that are mechanical or electrical, moulded, forged or finished, metal or non-metal.


We maintain a close working relationship with every customer - from design to delivery - to assure that their performance needs are met, whether it be a crankshaft slated for a high performance locomotive or a hard working wheel-set performing critical duty. We adopt professional assistance with CAD/CAM to process a variety of components suited to customer’s needs and peculiarities. If customers provide us with drawings, samples, or materials, our engineering and product development department will then enhance the work to maximize quality and effectiveness.