CRRC MA Corp. has been awarded a contract from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) to design and manufacture 284 Orange and Red Line Heavy Rail (Subway) Vehicles.

These state of the art vehicles, provide improved passenger comfort and incorporate state of the art technology that includes: solid state microprocessor technology, LCD passenger information displays, CCTV cameras, platform Gap Mitigation, Automatic Passenger Counting and computer based Training Simulators.

CRRC is underway with the construction of a 204,000 SF rail car manufacturing facility, a 2,240 foot dynamic test track, and a staging/storing area at 655 Page Boulevard in Springfield, Massachusetts. The former Westinghouse building will be restored and used for engineering training and administration.

CRRC MA is proud of the strides made on the Corporation’s first North American railcar contract. Progress continues with design of new Orange and Red line vehicles for Boston’s transit authority, as well as, the design and construction of its first state of the art North American rail car manufacturing facility in Springfield, Massachusetts where final assembly of 284 railcar vehicles will occur.

Construction commenced in March 2016, with facility completion scheduled for fall 2017. Rail car final assembly at the new plant will begin spring of 2018 with the first production cars completed in December, 2018.