Our mission is to lead the world in rail car manufacturing  through a disciplined commitment to research and  development, the adoption of advanced technology and the dedication to working with our global partners.

CRRC employs a great number of technological talents with expertise in locomotives, rolling stocks and other products. The soul of CRRC enterprise is innovation in technology in the course of its development. CRRC has many sophisticated tools for calculation analysis and engineering testing. Based on the market demand and using cutting edge and cost-effective technology, CRRC aims not only at offering the best but also the most valuable products and service to its customers.  CRRC has always been internationally reputed for its high-quality. All production enterprises have registered with the ISO 9001 certification. Some have acquired certificates of ISO 14001, OSHA 18001 and AAR.  In 2015, CRRC successfully introduced utilization of new material such as graphene into its energy storage technology.  This innovation is projected to result in 30% improvement. 

CRRC MA’s R & D Center modeled after the home office believes that commitment and investment to identify the most innovative technologies and processes promotes workforce collaboration and increased efficiency.  The R&D Center staff of 32 engineers continues to explore new products and methods, and is eager to engage higher educational institutions to join the center in researching advancements in technologies related to the passenger car industry.  The focus of CRRC MA is quality. It is the way we do business. Our policy is to strengthen management to serve the market and, therefore, to supply products conforming to international standards and/or customers. Every product receives the strict scrutiny from the first operation to the last. Operators, inspectors, supervisors, and managers assure that the products our customers receive meet quality standards.

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