CRRC Changchun

100% low-floor Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) rolls off assembly line - April 16, 2019

A 100% low-floor LRV that will be exported to Israel rolled off the assembly line at CRRC Changchun Facility on Tuesday, April 16.


The 100% low-floor LRVs designed and manufactured by CRRC Changchun, will be used for the red line of the light rail system in Tel Aviv, Israeli and will be in official operation in 2021.


The LRV is designed with the highest level of safety features including an under frame structure made of non-ferromagnetic material used to prevent any foreign items from magnetically being attached to the vehicle. The new, modern, low-floor LRV addresses the increased need for advanced security on trains with advanced glass protection and anti-intrusion operator’s room. Additionally cutting-edge technologies including Automatic Train Operation (ATO) and composite materials produce a lighter, more reliable, eco-friendly vehicle.  


In 2015, CRRC Changchun signed an agreement with NTA (Tel Aviv Metropolitan Mass Transit System) to provide 90 sets of LRVs for the city's light rail system.







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