About Us

Our company was founded by railway pioneer Zhan Tianyou in 1906,which was the first state owned railway factory at that time. Now, it is affiliated to China Railway Rolling stock Corporation(shortened form CRRC).

Locating at Changping District in Beijing city,our company covers an area of 960,000 square meters and owns over 1700 staff as well as 1146 many types of equipments which comprise 84 high quality NC machine tools, mainly about Heckter、BW、Gleason NC machining center, Longmen three-coordinate test center、Siemens 7.2MW gearbox testing center and well model carburizing furnace. We have formed specialized production line with machining、testing and assembling and have pre-year producing capacity of 2000 railway gearbox、1000 wind turbine gearbox and screw compressor.

With the building of the first national railway line ’’Beijing—Zhangjiakou “, CNR Beijing Nankou Locomotive & Rolling Stock Machinery Works (Hereinafter referred to as Nankou Locomotive) was built in 1906. It was originally built by the pioneer of China’s scientific and technological circles—Mr. Zhan Tianyou. He was also a famous patriotic engineer, who was responsible to build this railway line. Nankou Locomotive has experienced four major periods, the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China (1912-1949), the period of occupied by Japanese Troops, New China.

Nankou Locomotive had gone through several big changes on the production structure. At the beginning of establishment, its task is to serve the ‘Beijing—Zhangjiakou ’railway line...