DL Company’s Second Batch Exported NZ Locomotives Delivered News Attract Media Attention (Hit:3025)

From:xcb 2013-08-23

The preparing and commissioning work of the second batch export NZ locomotives built and delivered by the Dalian Locomotive company started in July. 14 mainstream media such as Chinese Online, Chinese Broadcast Net, Chinese Science Net, Dalian local media, and New Zealand local overseas Chinese website gave prominent reports illustrated with photographs for this important news event, demonstrating the unique charm of "Dalian Locomotive" re-entered the developed countries.

Dalian Locomotive Company vigorously implements the Product Globalization strategy, exporting products to as many as 17 overseas countries and regions. The company built the world’s largest power narrow-gauge diesel locomotive, making the first such export to a developed country. That stabilized Chinese locomotive market position in the Eastern Hemisphere, and created good conditions to expand follow-up overseas markets and enter into other developed countries.

Dalian Locomotive Company incorporated some adaptive modifications for the second batch of 20 locomotives based on experience with the first batch. These locomotives have more reliable operations at New Zealand. The locomotive design marked by low emission, low noise and high comfort and the innovative technology has reached the international advanced level. It is the second time entering into New Zealand following China-Made locomotives firstly run into a western country in 2010. Until then a total of 40 bright yellow locomotives will be put into peak season operation services for New Zealand rail transport, become most beautiful scenery in NZ railway.

Dalian Daily carried a short news “DL Locomotives Bear Main Force for NZ Freight” at the full position of the front page; Dalian Evening reported the news with a eye-catching title "40 Dalian Locomotive help to Carry Milk in New Zealand; Chinese Science reported a picture news with a giant photograph in the general page. Additionally New Zealand local overseas Chinese news website Skykiwi, Chinanews gave a full broadcast, expanding the impact and enhancing the sense of pride of overseas Chinese.