CRRC Dalian Co.,Ltd (referred to as “the company” hereafter) originally founded in 1899 is a key large-scale state-owned enterprise, which can independently develop and export diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, medium and high speed diesel engines and urban transit vehicles in series. Since "11th five-year plan" period, the company improved the international market development ability and increased contact and communication of domestic and overseas agent in order to speed up the implementation of "going out" strategy. Set up international marketing network, international trade has made great progress and rapid development.

Over the past few years, the Company has been developing export-oriented economy with great concentration on constructing the export base and actively looking for target markets. The international popularity of its diesel locomotives has been rapidly improved and a good image of credibility has been made. Since 1992 when its diesel locomotive was first exported to Myanmar, a breakthrough of exporting China’s main line diesel locomotives has been realized. The Company has accumulatively exported over 600 locomotives to 24 countries and areas such as Malaysia, Turkey, Angola, Argentina, New Zealand, South Africa, Philippines, etc.

In 2009, the company with the New Zealand KiwiRail company signed a contract of 20 diesel locomotives, our products gone into the more developed countries for the first time. KiWi Rail company’s fourth signing came for 15 diesel locomotives in 2016. Besides that, in 2012, the company signed 165 metro vehicles with the Middle East country to the breakthrough of "zero" the subway vehicle exports. Moreover, the company entered into the South Asia rail market for first time by signing 14 sets metro vehicles contract of Calcutta in India. In recently years, the company’s manufacturing technology has received international recognition which laid a solid foundation for being world-class level of the equipment manufacturing industry.

At the same time, Dalian locomotive also realized to export overseas related technology and complete sets of equipment, parts, etc. For example, in 2014 the company signed 232 diesel locomotives contract with South Africa railway including 20 sets as a complete vehicles export and the remaining 212 locos providing technology transfer. Company by taking different marketing strategy and efforts to expand global trade share for "go out" providing a broader platform.

At present, the company set up after-sales service groups in 12 countries and regions totally, like Angola, Argentina, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, New Zealand, Vietnam, Iran, South Africa, Kenya, Myanmar, Hong Kong of China, which not only guarantees the after-sales service of products, but composes a new chapter of international business with always taking customer satisfaction as the center depending on the pioneering and innovative spirit of CRRC employees.