CNR Dalian Locomotive & Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. originally founded in 1899 now become a key large-scale state-owned enterprise in China not only developing diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, engines and urban transit LRVs but also exporting them in batches. The Company has the capacity of producing 600 locomotives, repairing 400 locomotives, 700 urban transit LRVs and 500 high power diesel engines annually. Now the existing factory of the Company covers a total area of 0.9 square kilometers and new factory-Lushun Base covers 1.96 square kilometers (under construction). The Company now has 8751 employees and owns total capital assets of RMB 14.5 billion Yuan. The Company has been keeping the record of ten billions for five consecutive years until 2014 and its prime operating revenue hits a historical high by reaching 12.8 billion Yuan, compared with the same stage at the beginning of technology introduction in 2004, which has risen seven times in ten years; In 2011 HXD3 high power AC electric freight locomotive has been awarded the first prize of National Science & Technology Progress, and the Company was also awarded the Advanced Unit of Quality Work, passed the IRIS International Railway Standard System certification; in January 2013 the Company was awarded the excellence prize for the 9th National Equipment Management; in January 2015 awarded the innovation achievement prize for National Enterprise Management; on May 17, 2014, awarded the Chinese Industry Prize; on February 28, 2015, the Company was awarded the National Civilized Unit. So far the Company promotes its economic benefit and management ability simultaneously.

    Since the foundation of the People’s Republic of China, the Company has successively experienced six large scale technology transformations and filled up a number of blanks in domestic locomotive industry. Since reform and opening up, the Company has been persisting in a management concept of “technology is the backbone and quality is the life” to perfect the system of technology research and development and set up the National Enterprise Technology Center. In 1996 the Company successfully designed and manufactured DF4D diesel locomotive for passenger transport and launched into the railway market on a large scale, which became a main type in the first five times of speed increase process in China. Prior to 2008, the company has totally produced approximately 90000 various railway vehicles (more than 40 types). On July 2, 2008, China’s first unit of high power AC diesel freight locomotive was rolled out from the Company. Until March 2015, the company has made more than 70 kinds of new type diesel locomotives and 10 kinds of electric locomotives, the cumulative production of locomotive breakthrough ten thousand units, in which the Company produced 3000 HXD3 high power AC electric locomotives and also repaired 2000 locomotives. On August 16, 2014, highland locomotives (HXN3 diesel locomotives) developed by the Company began to undertake the passenger and freight traction task from Lhasa to Shigatse in Tibetan, which marked domestic high-power locomotive firstly reached "the roof of the world". In December 2014, the type of the locomotive named after “Mao Zedong” was changed for the fifth time and more than 3000 HX 3 series high power AC electrical locomotives operated during Spring Festival in 2015 as the main force for railway passenger and freight transportation of the country. In the early days of the foundation of new China, the Company (named as factory at that time) was established by the country as a leading factory for designing domestic locomotives and vehicles and manufacturing base, during the period the factory aided to build up nearly ten factories in China rail transport equipment industry by transferring personnel and equipment and supporting technologies. That is why the Company has been praised as Cradle of Locomotives by national leaders.

    The Company vigorously implements the development strategy of “going out”. Since the year 1992 when locomotives were exported to Myanmar, realizing the zero breakthrough of main line locomotive export, the Company has successively exported locomotives to 23 countries such as Malaysia, New Zealand, Angola, Argentina and Uzbekistan etc., the total export volume occupies the first place at home. In 2013, electric locomotive products of the company exported abroad for the first time. With the advantage of technological superiority, the Company contracted to manufacture 232 sets of diesel locomotive for South Africa on March 17, 2014, so far this is largest the single order for domestic diesel locomotives overseas export.

    Since the turn of the century, the Company seizes market opportunities, designed and manufactured series urban LRVs with domestic leading level. The Company has delivered about thousand high-quality urban LRVs in batches to Beijing, Tianjin, Xi’an, Shenyang, Dalian etc. and won wide recognition from users. In 2012, the Company completed the entire technology introduction for advanced low floor trams with ground power supply system; Zhuhai 100% low floor trams began to operate on line in September 2014. A breakthrough in this field is that the urban LRVs of the Company could be exported to the Middle East countries from 2013 and made new progress in overseas market such as Philippines and India etc. in 2014.

    Diesel engine is the Company’s core technology advantage with independent IPR. All diesel engines have formed four major series, i.e., 240, 265, 270 and 280. The power range covers from 1,000hp to 7,000 hp. The main performance index of the engines has taken the leading position among domestic high power medium speed engines. The technology of its diesel engine has reached the international advanced level. The trial production of dual fuel engine was completed in 2012; the type test of 16V265H plateau applied diesel engine and homemade manufacture of 8RK270 and 16RK270 diesel engines were completed in 2014; 12V265 diesel engine acquired the national important new products certificate at the beginning of 2015. Each year the Company undertakes and signs a number of supply contracts for marine diesel engines and diesel gen-sets, recently it also successfully getting into nuclear power supporting field.

    So far he Company has successively won more than 500 honorable titles (municipal level or above) such as National Advanced Enterprise, National Civilized Unit, National Quality Management Award, National Award for Science and Technology Progress, National Quality Advanced Unit and China Industry Award etc.. Jiang Zemin wrote an inscription for the enterprise at the 100th anniversary of its founding on May 28, 1999. He said, “Keep a foothold in China, march to the world and strive to develop Chinese locomotives industry”. Hu Jintao put forward his ardent expectations to the enterprise on June 11, 2002. He said, “Your enterprise is a senior factory with more than 100 years history, which should be also managed to be a first-class locomotive manufacturer.” On July 1, 2006, Li Changchun and Li keqiang (as Liaoning provincial party committee secretary at that time) came to inspect and pointed out, “enterprises such as Dalian Locomotive Company belong to national backbone enterprises vital to national economy and people’s livelihood and national economic of strategic security, to be a “national team” enterprise, bearing the historic responsibility to revitalize our national industry”.

    Following the guidance of the important thought of the third and fourth plenary session of the eighteenth central committee and adhering to the glorious mission of “Join the World, Drawing the future”, the Company will actively adapt to the new normal, further emancipate the mind,  make concerted efforts, forge ahead, comprehensively strengthen innovation ability and improve the quality of development by grasping major strategic opportunities such as “One Belt and One Way” international connectivity cooperation, speeding up urbanization, the national support for the development of the railway construction, a new round of the revitalization of northeast old industrial base, CNR and CSR two groups restructuring, to achieve these goals, stepping forward to the construction target of being a first-rate enterprise group to be corpora ionized in operation, clustering in industry, globalized in market, perfect in management and internationalized for enterprise.