Dalian 202 Extension Line LRV

From: 2016-05-04
Product Name: Dalian 202 Extension Line LRV Vehicle 
Product Description:

It is power-supplied by DC1500V overhead contact system. It composes of 2 motor cars plus 2 trailers. It is a standard B2 type vehicle with maximum speed of 100km/h. Its carbody steel structure is of a light weight fabricated and integrated bearing structure made of stainless steel. The cab is of a small streamlined one piece fiber glass which is simple and beautiful. The blue line which is more active and fluency combines the characteristic of the coastal city of Dalian with modern design philosophy together. Its AC transmission system with asynchronous traction motors is controlled by VVVF converter. The VVVF converter box consists of converter module and chopper module, which can realize the function of traction, regeneration braking and dynamic braking. The traction converter adopts great power electronics of IGBT. It is equipped with overhead air conditioner unit on the roof and electrical sliding doors and cab escape door on the sidewall. The vehicle is equipped with ATP protection system. The air braking system adopts microprocessor controlled and digital EP brake system. The bogie brake rigging adopts wheel-disc braking.

Characteristic Curve: