Stainless Vehicle of Dalian Jinzhou Metro Line

From: 2016-05-04
Product Name: Stainless Vehicle of Dalian Jinzhou Metro Line 
Product Description:


The train receives power through a DC1500V overhead contact net. Its formation mode is two-car (consisting of 1 railcar, 1 trailer) and can be operated in multiple. Its service speed is up to 120km/h. The vehicle body is a steel structure made of high strength stainless steel welded by tack-welding and MIG/TIC technologies which has features in corrosion resistance and light weight, etc.. The one piece shield of the driver’s cab is made of FRP. The electric traction system adopts VVVF inverter AC transmission technology. The power service mode of the traction motors is overhead control (1C2M). The auxiliary power supply system adopts IGBT static inverter (SIV). TCMS is used for train monitoring system. The braking system is a Knorr digital electric-air braking system which can bring out the function of rapid braking except for the service braking and the emergency braking. The bogie is a new type 120km/h urban rail bogie with short wheel base. Wheel disc unit braking is as the brake rigging. The passenger room doors is electric-controlled sliding plug doors, besides, there are also overhead mounted single cooling air conditioning units, fully automated coupler and broad windshield and stainless steel seats, etc. in a vehicle. All internal decorations of vehicles adopt modular design, which are beautiful and generous in whole.

Performance Parameters: Formation mode                  2units/train:+Tc-Mc+
Material of vehicle body        stainless steel
Length of vehicle body          19000mm
Width of vehicle body           2800mm
Height between roof and rail    3800mm
Coupler height                  660+10mm
Floor height                    1100mm
Length between bogie centers    12600mm
Wheel diameter                  840mm
Track gauge                     1435mm
Axle load                       no more than 14t
Rated load                      206 in motor car (41 seats)
                                206 in trailer (41 seats)
Line voltage                    DC1500V
Voltage range                   DC1000V~1800V
Power of traction motor         220kW
Power supply                    overhead contact net
Max. service speed              120km/h