Shengyang Metro Line 1

From: 2016-05-04
Product Name: Shengyang Metro Line 1 
Product Description:

The formation of trainsets is 3M3T energized through DC1500V overhead contact line. The Max. service speed is 80km/h. the rigid structure of the carbody is of light weight solid welding structure. With concessive glass windows and steamline structure, the driver’ cab has an elegant appearance and that provides the driver with good vision. The AC motor traction system is controlled by VVVF inverters. VVVF inverters include inverter modules and chopper modules which can realize traction, regeneration braking, and resistance braking functions

Performance Parameters: Configuration:3M3T
Material of carbody:stainless steel
Length of carbody:19000mm
Width of carbody:2800mm
Height between roof and rail:3800mm
Coupler height:660+10mm
Floor height:1100mm
Length between truck cengers:12600mm
Wheel diameter:840mm
Track gauge:1435mm
Axle load:no more than 14t
Rated load
245 in motor car (42 seats)
245 in trailer (42 seats)
230 in trailer of driver’s cab (36 seats)
Line voltage:DC 1500V
Voltage range:DC 1000V--1800V
Power of traction motor:190KW
Power supply:overhead contact line
Max. service speed:80km/h