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International Business: By making full advantage of the imported technologies, we play an active part in international collaboration, export business is developing rapidly. Locomotives and special spare parts have been exported to a number of countries such as: America, Canada, France, Australia, Cambodia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Guinea, Venezuela, Argentina, Tanzania and Zambia,etc.
SDJ6 DMU is specially designed narrow-gauge DMU and supplied for the passenger t...
SDA3 AC Transmission Diesel Locomotive
SDA3 diesel locomotive is a main line passenger and freight diesel locomotive ru...
SDA2 AC Transmission Diesel Locomotive
It is a type of AC-DC-AC transmission main line freight diesel locomotive for na...
CKD4C Diesel Locomotive
~CKD4C (DF8B-VEN) Locomotive, as the first Chinese locomotive running on the Sou...
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CRRC QISHUYAN CO., LTD. (abbreviated as “Company” hereafter) is located in Changzhou Economic Development Zone in Jiangsu province and in the middle of Shanghai-Nanjing Railway, affiliated with CRRC Corporation Limited. The company is recognized as the developing, manufacturing and maintaining base for diesel locomotives for passenger and freight transport in Chinese railway.

Established in 1898, the company was called Shanghai Wusong Locomotive Factory. In 1936, Wusong Locomotive Factory was moved to Qishuyan district of Changzhou city and was renamed Qishuyan Locomotive Factory. It was the first large modern factory in Changzhou.

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CRRC QISHUYAN CO., LTD. (abbreviated as “Company” hereafter) is located in Changzhou Economic Develo...learnmore+