Dual Fuel Locomotive

Source: DateTime:2019-11-01


LNG dual-fuel locomotive is a new type of AC transmission diesel locomotive developed for energy saving, environmental protection and economy of China's railways. The locomotive is equipped with a 16V280ZJ/S dual-fuel engine, which uses methane and diesel as fuel, and methane is stored on the locomotive in liquid form. This type of locomotive is the only diesel locomotive using dual fuels in China at present.

Main Technical Parameters

Application Main line freight transportation Track Gauge 1435mm
Axle Arrangement C0-C0 Wheel Diameter 1050 mm
Axle Load 25t Locomotive Service Weight 150t
Max. Service Output of Diesel Engine 3680 kW Min. Negotiable Curve Radius 145 m
Max. Running Speed 120 km/h Continuous Speed ≤19 km/h
Max. Starting Tractive Effort ≥600 kN Continuous Tractive Effort ≥560 kN
Engine Fuel LNG+light diesel oil Fuel Capacity/LNG Capacity 9000 L/2400 L
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) 21705mm×3104mm×4644mm