Source: DateTime:2019-11-03

It is a broad-gauge diesel-electric AC-DC transmission locomotive used for mainline passenger and freight purpose, which has been exported to Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and North Korea. This locomotive consists of two identical locomotives by stationary coupled locomotive A and B, which can be uniformly controlled in any cab. This locomotive is installed with 16V240ZJB diesel engine, and its service power is 2430kW and Max. operating speed is 100km/h. The locomotive is equipped with microcomputer control system and dynamic brake device with function of full-power & self-load.


Application Mainline passenger and freight service Service Power 2430kW
Track Gauge 1520 mm Max. Speed 100km/h
Axle Arrangement Co-Co Continuous Speed 21.6km/h
Wheel Diameter 1050 mm Starting Tractive Force 435kN
Axle Load 23t Continuous Tractive Force 324kN
Service Weight 138t Appearance Dimension(mm) 22240×3337×4736