Grand commendation! CRRC Ziyang made a major breakthrough in expanding Central Asia market


It is the Beginning of Summer on May 5th. Thriving on the present, each step deserves to be remembered.

At 8:30 a.m. on the same day, the Company held a commendation ceremony for major contribution project to commend the Overseas Business Department for successfully launching Turkmenistan locomotive orders, as well as its sales team who has made outstanding contribution in the marketing work.

This is the second commendation ceremony for major contribution project held by the Company this year, aiming to enhance the sense of honor for marketing staff, and inspire the fighting spirit to make new achievements. At the same time, it motivates the staff of various systems to learn from the excellent team, insist the goal and successfully achieve the reform and upgrading.

From 2004 to 2016, the Company successively provided 251 units of locomotives to Turkmenistan, becoming the country's main locomotive supplier.

These CRRC Ziyang’s locomotives transport 80% of the freights in Turkmenistan, receiving good praise from users:

The special presidential train, named after the former president Niyazov of Turkmenistan, is headed by CRRC Ziyang’s locomotive;

It is a popular saying in Turkmenistan that "If you want an airplane, you should buy one from Boeing, and if you want to a locomotive, you should buy one from CRRC Ziyang".

The signing of this project marks a new milestone in the cooperation between the two parties.

This is not only a major breakthrough made by the Company's marketing team in overcoming the impact of COVID-19, eliminating numerous difficulties, deeply cultivating the Central Asia market, and expanding the international market; but also a powerful witness of the Company to implement the Belt and Road Initiative, and to help the economic development of countries along the Belt and Road!

The marketing team represented by Zhou Dingguo, General Manager of the Overseas Business Department, became the most dazzling star of this commendation.

Chen Zhixin, Chairman of the Board, personally put on a festive red scarf for Zhou Dingguo and handed him the trophy and flowers.

The leaders of the Company took a group photo with Zhou Dingguo.

Yang Wensheng, General Manager of the Company, presided over the ceremony.

The top management members of the Company, the major project directors, all the mid-level managers of Overseas Business Department, the leaders of relevant departments and profit centers, as well as some employee representatives witnessed this glorious moment together.

Chen Zhixin, on behalf of the Company, warmly congratulated the marketing team of Overseas Business Department!

He hoped that the marketing system would continue to work hard and reach a higher level! And he also hoped that all departments and units of the Company would make concerted effort to meet achievements again! He proposed, "Let's join hands to create a good situation that fresh orders will pour in and the Company is developing well just like fish in water!" 

Zhou Dingguo, on behalf of the Overseas Business Department, thanked the Company for full affirmation.

He said that the mission of marketing department is to sign more and better orders for the Company; with remaining true to the original aspiration and keeping the mission firmly in mind, the Overseas Business Department will persistently hard work to break into the markets, and encouragingly forge ahead to fight for the orders. He believed that more flowers of tomorrow's victory can be watered by spilling the enthusiasm and sweat on the way of the Company’s reform and upgrading.

Subsequently, the Company held a fish-releasing ceremony, which symbolized the good wish of "Fresh orders will pour in and the Company is developing well just like fish in water".

Zhou Dingguo put a koi representing good luck into the fish pond. Everyone applauded and congratulated.