“Made in Ziyang”! The Production of 6 Locomotives Exported to Gabon is Busy in Progress


On April 28, the production of 6 locomotives exported to Gabon was busy in progress at the welding site of car body assembly of Steel Structure Division of CRRC Ziyang Co., Ltd.. 


As the only company in China that provides locomotives for Gabon, CRRC Ziyang won an order for 6 locomotives + 10 years maintenance in Gabon at the beginning of this year, and successfully launched the "product + service" project in Gabon again. This is a vivid example of Chinese enterprises' efforts to "go global", "go in" and "go up" in the Belt and Road initiative.
Gabon is located in central Africa, straddles the equator line, is Africa's largest exporter of manganese ore. Previously, CRRC Ziyang has provided Gabonese users with 16 diesel locomotives of different types in three batches.


Ziyang locomotive, “haul more, run faster, and be more reliable” provides the main traction power for local manganese ore transportation.
The 6 locomotives in the production process are the optimized and upgraded generation of the first three batches of products, which can better meet the local freight transport requirements of ten thousand tons of traction.
CRRC Ziyang not only exports reliable locomotives, but also provides high quality after-sales service to Gabon.
In the recent two years, CRRC Ziyang's maintenance service team in Gabon has overcome the adverse impact of the epidemic and resolutely stuck to the site, striving to provide users with high quality maintenance services.


In 2021, CRRC Ziyang’s maintenance service team found and dealt with all kinds of hidden troubles in a timely manner, effectively ensuring the availability of locomotives and winning high recognition from users, which also laid a solid foundation for obtaining this order.
Up to now, CRRC Ziyang has provided more than 1,000 locomotives to 33 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, America, Oceania and Europe, accounting for more than 50% of China's total export of diesel locomotives. At the same time, CRRC Ziyang is also China's main exporter of diesel locomotive to Africa.