An Enjoyable International Women's Day with Sincere Love from the Company


In the nice spring, the International Women's Day celebrations take many forms, such as commendation ceremony, various festivities, and special bonus. With sincere love from the Company, the female staff really enjoy their own day. 
Let's take a look at the good times.
On March 7th, the day before the 112th International Women's Day, the Company held the Commendation Ceremony and the Physical Activity with the theme of "Show Women's Style & Contribute to the 14th Five-Year Plan".


Nearly 300 people attended the celebration, including Chen Zhixin, Chairman of the board, Liang Hongbo, Chairman of the Labor Union, leaders of various departments, and representatives of outstanding female staff. Chen Guo, Director of the Women's Work Committee, presided over the celebration.


At the commendation ceremony, Chen Zhixin, on behalf of the Company, extended festive greetings to all female staff, and expressed heartfelt thanks to the advanced female staff collectives and individuals who contributed a lot to the Company!


"You are the most beautiful scenery in Ziyang, the Vehicle Manufacturing City!" Chen Zhixin said. During the Company's development process, female staff have given full play to women's ability, which is an important force for the Company's reform and upgrading. In 2022, the decisive year of the Company, we hope that female staff will get greater achievements and make greater contributions!  
Liang Hongbo announced the commendation decision.


All kinds of advanced female staff collectives and individuals were grandly commended.

(Advanced Female Staff Collectives)

(Most Beautiful Families)
(Most Beautiful Families)
(Top Ten Female Staff)
(Advanced Women's Working Staff)









(Best Friends of Female Staff))
(Selected Speeches and Statement by Xi Jinping on Family Education and Building, the books presented to female staff)
The working for female staff is inseparable from the support and concern of male staff. The representative of the female worker's best friend, Mao Zhangxiong, made a statement.
He said, "As the Chairman of the Labor Union of the branch company, I must guide and encourage female staff to work boldly; provide a platform in key projects for female staff to show their abilities; and take care of their work and lives, so as to make female staff gain achievement and happiness.”
In order to advocate female staff to become practitioners, promoters and contributors to the Company's decisive year, Gui Jiangli, the representative of advanced female staff, solemnly swore on behalf of all female employees.
"We will stand on our posts and do our duties to go forward for order acquisition, to devote ourselves to technological innovation, to offer suggestions for cost control, to fulfill our mission for management improvement, and to be brave pioneers for the high-quality manufacturing. We are athletes on the runway of the Company's development and growth. We must be faster, higher, stronger and more united, and contribute to the Company!"
Then, the Company carried out a series of interesting sport games, and the female staff actively participated in, playing very happy.
Setting-up exercises to radios music

Bouncing a ball with an air mattresses

Passing through a hula-hoop with hand in hand

Combined sport of rope skipping and shuttlecock kicking 

Finally, after the exciting competition, Supply Chain Management Union won the first prize; Marketing Union and Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. won the second prize; Locomotive Division, New Industry Division, and R&D Union won the third prize.

The live Lucky Draw pushed the activity atmosphere up to a rousing climax.


Not only commendation ceremony and various festivities, the Company also distributed "International Women's Day Bonus" to every female staff, which made everyone feel the Company's special care.
Various units and departments also carried out activities respectively to celebrate the Women’s Day.

Pay tribute to the female staff remaining working on holiday!
Happy Women’s Day!