Liu Huabin, Deputy Mayor of Ziyang Municipal Government, visited the female staff of the Company


On the morning of March 7th, Liu Huabin, Deputy Mayor of Ziyang Municipal Government, Yang Xiaoli, Chairman of Ziyang Women's Federation, and other officials came to the Company, visited the female staff and conveyed their warmest greetings.


Accompanied by Liang Hongbo, Chairman of the Labor Union, and Chen Guo, Director of the Women's Work Committee, leaders of Ziyang Municipal Government came to the New Industry Division and visited the female model worker, Wang Shengpu, who was in a busy working.


As soon as he walked into the R&D office of New Industry Division, Liu Huabin gave a bouquet of beautiful flowers and the honorary certificate of "Female Model Contributor of Ziyang City" to Wang Shengpu, and said with a smile, "The Women’s Day is coming soon, on behalf of the Ziyang Municipal Government and Municipal Women's Federation, I would like to extend congratulations to you and all the female staff of CRRC Ziyang! I wish you a happy Women’s Day!"
On behalf of the Company, Liang Hongbo thanked the Municipal Government and the Municipal Women's Federation for their concern for the female staff of the Company. He introduced in detail the development of the Company and the gratifying achievements created by the female staff in the development.


Wang Shengpu said excitedly, "Thanks for the care of the Municipal Government! The Company and Ziyang City have given me a good development platform and created a good environment for my growth. I will devote myself to the development of the Company and Ziyang City!"


Liu Huabin spoke highly of the achievements made by the Company's female staff, and thanked them for their contributions to the development of Ziyang City! He encouraged female staff to take the advanced as an example, give full play to the role of women, and contribute to the building of CRRC brand and the promotion of high-quality development of Ziyang City.