The first battle in the Year of the Tiger, the Battle of High-Quality Projects begins!


A battle with the theme of "High-Quality Projects Building CRRC Ziyang's Brand" sounds the charge!


On the afternoon of February 15th, the Company held a pep rally for building the high-quality HXN6 locomotive and the 2022 High-Quality Projects, officially kicking off the first battle in the Year of the Tiger.


This is one of the important measures for the Company to play a role in promoting implementation, to enable quality improvement, to build high-quality locomotives, and to facilitate the Company's high-quality development.
The HXN6 high-power hybrid locomotive is the representative product of the Company to implement the national "Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality" strategic goals. In January this year, the HXN6 locomotive received commercial sales order in China for the first time, which has made a new breakthrough since it obtained the type license and manufacture license issued by the National Railway Administration in August 2020.
To this end, the Company starts the High-Quality Projects with the building of HXN6 locomotive as the traction role to comprehensively improve the products quality and promote the Company's brand image to a higher level.
More than 100 people attended the meeting, including the top management members of the Company such as Liang Honebo, Dang Baoxiong, Yang Yunbo and Li Xining, the leaders, the managers of Engineering Process & Quality Assurance Dept. and Project Engineering Dept., and the team leader representatives of each division and branch company, as well as the leaders of relevant functional departments. Long Xiaojun, the Director of Quality Assurance Dept. of the Company, presided over the meeting.

Liang Hongbo put forward the requirements of "Promoting Implementation and Guaranteeing High-Quality Products".
"The determination is crucial to the decisive victory, and the beginning is vital for the start." He emphasized that "Building the High-Quality HXN6 Locomotive and the 2022 High-Quality Projects” is the key project to set up the corporate image and promote the Company to win the decisive battle of transformation and upgrading, which is related to the future and destiny of the Company and must succeed.

Liang Hongbo pointed out that manufacturing the high-quality locomotive is the touchstone for testing the "Two Functions" of organizations at all levels. It is necessary to forge strong skills in overcoming difficulties, to create a demonstration benchmark in the promotion of projects, and to vigorously promote the spirit of craftsmanship, paying close attention to strictly and meticulously fulfill each specific task.
Li Xining, the Vice General Manager of the Company and the manager of HXN6 Locomotive Project, put forward the overall quality requirements for the project.


He emphasized that all units and departments would manage and control the whole process comparing with the established quality decomposition goals of "Three 100%", "Three All" and "Three No" to ensure that the HXN6 locomotive would be built into a high-quality locomotive with a high starting point and high standard.
Subsequently, the leaders of relevant units and departments took the stage and submitted the letters of quality responsibility.

The leaders of relevant units and departments made commitments for the decomposed quality indicators.

Finally, all the attendees made a quality commitment as follows:

“Resolutely practice the concept of 'Three No & Three good', and firmly implement the principle of 'Three No'; vigorously promote the spirit of craftsmanship; quality first, and start from me; ensure the achievement of the goals of 'Three 100%', 'Three All' and 'Three No', and vow to build the HXN6 locomotive into a high-quality locomotive with a high starting point and high standard!”
After the pep rally, the top management of the Company led a team to inspect the production of HXN6 hybrid locomotives on site.