Prize for Outstanding Contribution


On February 15th, the first working day after Spring Festival holiday, the Company grandly held a ceremony to commend the sales team of the Domestic Marketing Department who made outstanding contributions in 2021.

This is the first time that the Company has commended major sales projects after the reform and upgrading.
In 2021, the Domestic Marketing Department made full use of the Company's sales incentive policies to stimulate internal vitality and motivate employees’ work enthusiasm, resulting in the year-on-year growth of new signed orders and business income. In particular, with the support of CRRC ZELC, the Company achieved commercial sales of two HXN6 hybrid locomotives for the first time, which is a milestone for the Company to further open up the market.

The sales team represented by Luo Ping, General Manager of the Domestic Marketing Department, became the most dazzling star of this ceremony.
Chen Zhixin, Chairman of the Board, personally put on a festive red scarf for Luo Ping and handed him the trophy and flowers. The leaders of the Company took a group photo with him.

Yang Wensheng, General Manager of the Company, presided over the ceremony.

The top management members of the Company, the major project directors and the leaders of the profit center, all the mid-level managers of the Domestic Marketing Department and some employee representatives witnessed this glorious moment together.
Chen Zhixin, on behalf of the Company, warmly congratulated the Domestic Marketing Department! He said, “We hold the commendation ceremony for major contribution projects, with the purpose of commending the teams that have made significant contributions in the sales work, and encouraging the staff to work hard, blaze new trails, go all out to accomplish work goals and promote the Company’s development!”

He hoped that the marketing departments would make persistent efforts to achieve greater success! He also hoped that all departments would stick to goals, work hard, complete all tasks in an all-round way, and jointly create the production & management situation of the Company like a fish in water and full of vitality!

Luo Ping, on behalf of the Domestic Marketing Department, thanked the Company for full affirmation. He promised that he would continue to lead the sales team, roll up sleeves, go full speed ahead with work and live up to the trust of the Company leaders and the expectations of staff!

Subsequently, the Company held a fish-releasing ceremony, which symbolized the good wish of "Fresh orders will pour in and the Company is developing well just like fish in water". Luo Ping put a beautiful koi representing good luck into the fish pond. Opposite, the honor wall with the portrait of "Luo Ping" is very eye-catching. Everyone applauded and congratulated.

It is known that the Company will also commend qualified major sales projects in the future.