Good luck for the beginning! The Company embarked on a new journey with high spirit!


On February 15, the Lantern Festival in the Year of the Tiger, the Company kicked off the work in full swing.
Accompanied by the cheerful sound of gongs and drums, there was a festive scene in front of the company's headquarters building.

The employees of the Company who enjoyed the Spring Festival holiday returned to work full of energy in the face of the bright spring.

"Happy New Year, and welcome back!"
"Good luck in the Year of the Tiger!"
Chen Zhixin, Chairman of the Board, and Yang Wensheng, General Manager, sent blessings and little tiger mascots to each employee. Blessings, full of affection and kindness, warmed the heart of every employee.

Later, the dragon and lion dance team came to R&D Center, Locomotive Manufacture Supervision Project Dept., and Locomotive Division. The lively scene of bustling activity added joy to everyone in the new year.
Chen Zhixin and Yang Wensheng sent New Year wishes to everyone and took photos together.

Other management members of the Company also went to the respective units they are responsible for to distribute little tiger mascots and send best wishes to the employees.

Let’s forge ahead with the vigor and vitality of the tiger in this bright spring day.