Good news in 2022. "Made in Ziyang" High-Power Hybrid Locomotive HXN6 received commercial sales orders


Hybrid Locomotive is a representative work of CRRC Ziyang to implement the national "dual carbon" strategy.



As the earliest enterprise in my country to develop Hybrid Locomotives, CRRC Ziyang took the lead in breaking through many problems such as energy control technology and integration technology of hybrid locomotives recognized by the industry, and fully mastered the core technology with independent intellectual property rights - high voltage , large-capacity, high-current power battery grouping and modular technology, high-current charging and discharging safety control technology for power battery packs, and braking energy recovery control technology, etc., and took the lead in formulating six design specifications including national railway power battery safety design, battery management system, and battery thermal protection etc. CRRC Ziyang has become a leading enterprise in the development of hybrid power locomotive.


In August 2020, with the support of the National Railway Group, the HXN6 hybrid locomotive independently developed by CRRC Ziyang, which carries the world's largest electricity power, obtained the "Railway Locomotive and Rolling Stock Type Certificate" and "Railway Locomotive Rolling Stock Manufacture License" issued by the National Railway Administration, becoming the First Approved hybrid locomotive in our country.

The effect of energy saving, emission reduction and noise reduction is very significant, which is an important feature of hybrid locomotives. Since the power source of the locomotive is composed of "power battery pack + diesel generator set", and the power battery pack is given priority to provide power, under the condition of charging, the locomotive can save fuel consumption by more than 90% and reduce harmful emissions by 60% to 80%. At the same time, the locomotive also has many advantages such as saving locomotive brake shoes, quick start and acceleration, strong dynamic braking during operation, low noise and environmental pollution, etc. It is a green locomotive that can effectively replace traditional diesel locomotives.

This signed contract of HXN6 locomotive has added a water-cooled system for power battery and an intelligent operation & maintenance system, optimized the appearance and color of the locomotive, standardized the wiring and piping arrangement, and improved the level of engineering and intelligence. Follow-up with the upgrade and development of diesel engines, the energy saving and environmental protection performance of locomotives will be further improved.

At present, CRRC Ziyang has established a technology platform and product platform for Hybrid Locomotives, and can provide the products with different power range from 200kW to 3000kW to fully meet the demands of various customers.