Located at the bank of Xiangjiang River, Hunan Province, China, CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CRRC ZELC) covers area of 2.25 km2 and is adjacent to Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and Shanghai-Kunming Railway. CRRC ZELC is a key subsidiary of CRRC Corporation Limited, and the leading enterprise among Hunan rail transportation industry cluster with investment of hundreds of billions of RMB Yuan. Since it was established in 1936, CRRC ZELC has maintained rapid and sustainable development and created many records in the field of rail transit equipment in China. CRRC ZELC 's business focuses on electric locomotives, urban rail vehicles, EMUs/DMUs, battery electric locomotives, maglev trains, new technology of public transport vehicles such as, energy storage trams, important parts, extension products of know-how, MRO and electromechanical general contracting service services, etc. At present, CRRC ZELC has total assets of 29.1 billion RMB Yuan and 21 subsidiaries at home and abroad.

CRRC ZELC is committed to innovation-driven development and promotes the construction of an innovation system of Platformization, modularization, simplification and standardization. Among more than 10,000 employees of CRRC ZELC, over 25% are engaged in research and development, including one academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering who worked in the enterprise and 13 industry experts who enjoy special subsidies from the State Council. CRRC ZELC has built national enterprise R&D centers and we are the only one enterprise in Chinese industry that has three National level laboratories - State key laboratory for integration of high-power AC drive electric locomotive systems, State engineering laboratory for integration of rail transit vehicle systems, and the national industrial design center for rail transit vehicles. We have set up R&D institutions in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Turkey, South Africa, Austria and other places. We have mastered many cutting-edge technologies including system integration, AC drive, heavy-duty transportation, magnetic levitation, vehicle energy storage, super capacitor, low floor, fault prediction and health management, and have always been in the forefront of rail transit equipment industry.

CRRC ZELC is committed to improving public travel conditions and creating transportation modes that develop in harmony with the environment. In the field of electric locomotives, as the capital of electric locomotives in China, CRRC ZELC has the capacity to produce 1,000 electric locomotives per year. Since the birth of China's first electric locomotive in 1958, we successively developed 60 types of over 9,800 main line electric locomotives for heavy-duty freight transport, fast passenger and dual purposes, applicable to multiple power supply systems and multiple track gauges, accounting for more than 60% of the national locomotive market and pioneering development of China’s electric locomotive from common load to heavy load and from DC drive to AC drive. In the field of urban public transportation, as the birthplace of traction technology of metro vehicle in China, CRRC ZELC has not only established an international first-class development and manufacturing platform for urban rail vehicles with car type of A, B and D and speed level of 80 km/h,100 km/h, 120 km/h and 160 km/h, but also offered customized products with small and medium transportation capacity, we provided more than 10,000 cars of urban transit vehicle for about 30 cities at home and abroad. We are the provider of diversified urban public transportation system solutions, the creator of energy-storage modern trams, the cradle of China's maglev train and the pioneer of China's rack railway vehicle. In the field of EMU, as the birthplace of China's EMU technology, we has successively developed Blue Arrow, Mid-land Star and China Star power distributed and power centralized EMU with speed of 160 km/h to 270 km/h. In recent years, EMUs developed by CRRC ZELC are exported to overseas, the 160km Fuxing power centralized EMU has driven China's common speed railway into the era of EMU, the CJ6 intercity EMU has officially come into service. In the field of railway engineering vehicles, as the pioneer of low-carbon and green railway engineering vehicles, CRRC ZELC has provided various types of high-end battery electric locomotives which have function of shunting vehicles in depot, maintaining lines, rescuing vehicles, testing equipment to 20 cities at home and abroad, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Singapore and Sydney. Since 2009, The number of battery electric locomotives won by CRRC ZELC accounted for more than 90% of the domestic bidding. In 2018, the hybrid shunting locomotive developed by CRRC ZELC entered to Germany, a high-end market in Europe.

CRRC ZELC pratices and benefits from the The Belt and Road Initiative, and is also the pioneer of Go Global for China's equipment. Since we exported the first electric locomotive in China in 1997, CRRC ZELC has adhered to the principles of Zero Defect, Good Quality, Zero Customer Complaint, Good Service, Zero Distance with Customer, Good Friendship,  and actively played four roles of Culture Translator, Talent Incubator, Industry Propeller and Good Neighbor in Community, we have successively obtained nearly 60 orders in 22 countries such as, Singapore, Turkey, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Serbia, Germany, Austria, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines and other countries. The products include locomotives, metro vehicles, EMUs/DMUs, and battery electric locomotives, totaling 60 billion RMB Yuan. In the past 7 years, the total amount of orders has exceeded 47 billion RMB Yuan, we promoted further development of foreign exchanges and cooperation. And, CRRC ZELC has further explored the business model of Localized Manufacturing, Localized Procurement, Localized Employment, Localized Maintenance and Localized Marketing and has set up several subsidiaries in Malaysia, South Africa, Turkey, India, Austria and other countries.  When Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council visited CRRC ZELC, he praised our products as a representative of equipment for China Go global.

CRRC ZELC continuously pays attention to the customer's needs, highlights green and intelligent development, and actively marches into new industry fields, forming three industries, service of MRO, industrial chain of super capacitor module, and technology of maglev train.  We have set up 4S stores for rail transit vehicles with modern comprehensive service functions in 16 cities including Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Kunming, realizing the transformation from products output to output of "Manufacturing+ Service", and striving to build a life cycle maintenance service system. The first commercial medium-low speed maglev train developed by CRRC ZELC was put into operation in Changsha in May 2016. We have independently developed a high specific energy supercapacitor cell and modern tram with supercapacitor as the drive unit, which has received extensive attention from the global industry. And, we are now developing new technology products such as, APM vehicles, multi-voltage electric locomotives and regenerative braking systems.

Open and innovative CRRC ZELC is committed to becoming the world's leading provider of rail transit system solutions. We are willing to work with domestic and foreign customers and partners to shoulder the social responsibility of developing a low-carbon economy and jointly promote the progress of the global rail transit industry.