SS4 Electric locomotive for freight

Source: DateTime:2013-11-26

SS4 electric locomotive is made up of two cars that are independent respectively but also interconnected, each car being a complete system. The main circuit uses the economic four-section semi-controlled bridge and phase-controlled voltage regulating. It is of constant voltage or constant current controlled traction characteristic, as well as the constant speed or constant excitation controlled resistance braking characteristics. The pneumatic brake adopts DKI type electro-pneumatic brake.

Each car has two bogies with two axles per bogie. The traction motor is installed by means of hugging-axis suspended method. The transfer system of vertical force consists of two suspension devices, among which the secondary suspension adopts the metal rubber laminated springs, with good fluctuation performance.

The transfer system of tractive effort adopts the inclined low draw bar, with wonderful adhesion performance. High strength low alloy structural steels are widely used for carbody.

The traction and braking power of the locomotive is big. It can start up stably, accelerate fast and work reliably. The working condition in the cab is good. It is environment-friendly and easy for maintenance.

Main technical performance

Usage: for freight transportation on main line

Axle arrangement: 2(Bo-Bo)

Catenary voltage: 25kV,50Hz

Rated power: 6400 kW

Continuous tractive effort: 436.5kN

Maximum tractive effort: 627.8kN

Continuous speed: 51.5km/h

Maximum speed: 100km/h

Suspension: half-suspension type

Braking: resistance braking, pneumatic braking

Electric braking power: 5570kW

Gross weight of locomotive: 184t

Axle load: 23t

Distance between coupler centers: 32,832mm

Gauge: 1435