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[Hunan Daily] Producing the 160km/h High-speed Maglev Train in Plant

Source: DateTime:2018-03-15

      "The 160km/h high-speed maglev train will be completed and ready for commissioning in very short time." On February 21, the first working day after the Spring Festival, in CRRC ZELC Mass Transit Division, the reporter saw the staffs were busy installing the equipment for a maglev train which is known as China's maglev 2.0. Li Yunyang, the project leader, said the R&D of key components of the train such as the converter and traction motor has been finished and now entered the assembly phase of the trial production.

"The development of the 160 km/h maglev train marked that Hunan rail transit enterprises represented by CRRC ZELC lead the development trend of maglev industry again and entered in the leading position in world maglev train industry. This achievement is benefited from the guidance of the 19th National Congress of CPC, as well as the support of the government. ”Chairman of the Board and Party Secretary of CRRC ZELC Zhou Qinghe said.

The Engineer of CRRC ZELC Maglev System Institute Hu Wei introduced to the reporter, 160 km/h maglev train is a kind of new vehicles relying on contactless magnetic, floating 8 mm over orbit and flying steadily. Its roof was made of composite materials which can reduce the weight compared with traditional aluminum alloy material and improve the performance of the traction motor and key components.

As the reporter knows, compared to Changsha maglev train developed by CRRC ZELC several years ago, this 160 km/h maglev train is faster, more attractive and has more commercial value. It’s suitable for operation in city and between cities. The maglev train becomes a new tool to promote the urbanization and to implement “Belt and Road Initiative” strategy.