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CRRC ZELC Awarded the Hungarian Locomotive Order

Source: DateTime:2019-11-07

On September 11, local time in Budapest, the Hungarian capital, CRRC ZELC and the Rail Cargo Hungaria signed the locomotive order. This means that China’s locomotive, with its excellent quality product and services, will serve Hungary and other central and eastern European countries.

There are two types of locomotives signed in this contract --- mainline electric locomotive and shunting locomotive. The mainline electric locomotive meets the certification of seven countries including Hungary. It serves the Central European land and sea express route from Piraeus, Greece to Budapest, Hungary. It is reported that this route runs through Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and other countries, and is an important part of the “Belt and Road”. Shunting locomotive are mainly used for logistics supply, testing and engineering traction on the construction site of the Hungarian national mainline railways and the transfer site of Budapest largest logistics center.

It is reported that the project is the first time for China’s rail transit products realizing the seven-country certification in European freight transport corridor. It is an important step for Chinese companies to familiarize themselves with the European railway certification system and further serve European customers.

(Translator:Lili HE)