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Zhuzhou Advanced Manufacturing Cluster will be Built in Rail Transit Equipment

Source: DateTime:2019-11-01

On September 3, the bidding evaluation result of advanced manufacturing industry cluster in 2019 organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was officially disclosed that Zhuzhou Guolian Rail Transit Industry Service Center (referred to as “Zhuzhou Guolian”) led by CRRC ZELC successfully won the bid in rail transit, aviation, shipping and offshore engineering equipment.

This project aims to supplement, extend and strengthen the industry chain, cultivate the core competitiveness of the industry at a higher level, and form an industry ecology for mutual growth, common prosperity and benefit sharing. As we know that this project is the national one that once again favors the Zhuzhou rail transit industry after the “National Advanced Rail Transit Equipment Innovation Center” settled in Zhuzhou in February this year.

(Translator: Lili HE)