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China's Fastest Maglev Train Developed Independently Will be Offline by the Middle of 2018

Source: DateTime:2018-03-22

       Xinhua News Agency Beijing on March 3 (Reporter: Yang Jian, Jiang Lin)

Deputies of NPC, Chairman of the Board and Party Secretary of CRRC ZELC Zhou Qinghe said, China's "2.0" rapid maglev trains is in assembly test stage and will be offline by the middle of 2018. t. It will be China's fastest maglev train which is developed independently.

“Compared to China's first middle-lowspeed maglev train developed for Changsha Maglev Express, the "2.0" is faster, lighter and can carry more passengers.” Zhou Qinghe told the reporter. By improving the performance of key components such as linear traction motor, the speed has increased from 100km/h to 160 km/h.

At present, the top speed of world's short stator structure maglev train is 100 km/h. The speed of "2.0" rapid maglev train will be in the leading position in the world after the operation, which will further keep China’s maglev industry on the top of the world.

According to Zhou Qinghe, "2.0" rapid maglev train can not only improve speed largely, but also can carry more passengers through the use of composite materials, lightweight design of key components like suspension frame and system configuration optimization, etc. The passenger capacity is increased more than 30%.

Zhou introduced, "2.0" rapid maglev train has strong climbing ability, small turning radius and low noise, it’s suitable to operate in the city, between city and satellite cities, urban agglomeration and in scenic area with complicate terrain, and it will become a star transit product for urbanization construction to improve “Belt and Road Initiative” construction and fulfill the "Going Global" strategy.