Beijing Subway Line 13

From: 2016-05-09

The 6-car formation for Beijing Subway Line 13 is divided into 3 traction units, each consisting of 1 motor car and 1 trailer car (form of formation: =MC*T*M*T*T1*MC=). The seating capacity of the train is 1,428 persons (1,820 persons when standing passengers are allowed).

Main technical features:

The vehicle features a weathering steel drum section. The height of the car is merely 3,700 mm in order to adapt to track conditions.

The thickness of the ceramic-sand floor is increased to 40 mm, the sound absorbing material is thickened, and wheel noise reduction technology is used to effectively reduce vehicle noise and vibration and improve ride comfort of passengers.

The car body adopts a welded integral load-carrying structure that features an underframe without center sill, and inside and outside frames of side doors and cross members of windows are designed with reinforcements so that car body strength is ensured and car body weight is reduced.

Passenger saloon interior finish featuring aluminum profile construction is used on a homemade car for the first time. This method is characterized in simple construction, good manufacturability, easy installation, and attractive and fashionable decoration effect. An air conditioning system is added to further improve comfort of passengers.

A CCTV train supervision system, a LCD real time news broadcasting system, and a PIDS train public address system are equipped to provide passengers with perfect information service.

The train set adopts third-rail current collection and uses an advanced vector-controlled VVVF AC drive system. The semiconductor power module is IGBT. The train set is equipped with a complete set of monitoring system which is used for automatic detection, recording and display of operating status of major equipment on the train. The monitored equipment includes VVVF inverter, static inverter (SIV), brake gear, air compressor, electric door of passenger saloon, and ATP.

The brake system, through electric braking system, air braking system controlled by electric signal, foundation brake gear, and parking brake gear, ensures safe braking of the train. Anti-skid devices are equipped to prevent wheelsets from being damaged during starting and braking of the train.

The bogie features a bolsterless structure and is provided with rubber spring of primary suspension and bolsterless air spring of secondary suspension. This bogie is designed to achieve best running performance, lowest vibration noise, and least maintenance.