Qingdao Project On-site Observation Team Visits CRRC SRI

From: 2018-11-26

On November 23rd, Qingdao project on-site observation team visited the Innovation Exhibition Center of CRRC SRI. Kong Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of CRRC SRI, introduced the basic situation of the company and guided the visit.

From November 21st to 23rd, this project on-site observation team led by Zhang Jiangting, Member of Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial Committee and Secretary of Qingdao Municipal Committee, Meng Fanli, Deputy Secretary of Municipal Committee and Mayor of Qingdao, Song Yuanfang, Director of Municipal People's Congress, and Yang Jun, Chairman of Municipal Political Consultative Conference conducted the on-site observation on the key projects across the city, and the heads of the departments directly under city government and all districts (cities) also participated.

The team listened to the introduction of the local development of CRRC SRI based in Qingdao, and watched the whole vehicle projection video of the core technology and key products, the animated promotional video of TACS which has impressed the Inno Trans Expo, the intelligent maintenance robot that can detect faults by scanning the bottom of the vehicle, and the intelligent manufacturing cloud platform which can monitor the production process and data in real time, the “Wisdom Window” that looks like ordinary glass but you can touch it and it can  display like a mobile phone screen...
Zhang Jiangting operated and experienced the driver's desk of standard EMU in person, which was independently innovated by CRRC SRI and attended the National "Twelfth Five-Year" Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition on behalf of CRRC.

The team watched carefully, asked in detail, and praised the excellent independent innovation technology of CRRC SRI.

"How much does Qingdao’s rail transit industry account for in China? What is the local matching rate of CRRC SRI in Qingdao? What is the situation of China’s independent innovation technology on high-speed railway? Does CRRC SRI also provide core system technology and products for metro users besides the intelligent operation and maintenance system?

Secretary Zhang Jiangting, Mayor Meng Fanli and other officials asked questions from time to time. Chairman Kong Jun introduced them in detail.
Subsequently, the team visited the vehicle – network - railway integration core system simulation platform on the second floor of the Innovation Exhibition Center. The platform is an integrated simulation platform based on CRRC’s core system integration. It performs the fusion stimulation of the monitoring of train core system during operation, the management of pantograph network power supply, the real-time management of line resources and the management of signals to simulate the actual operation environment.

When hearing the introduction of "At design phase, the train can already simulate the actual on-line running state and get various running data", the team expressed their appreciation for the basic and forward-looking technology research and development capability of CRRC SRI for multiple-system integration.

At the end of the visit, the city leaders fully affirmed the technological innovation capability and industrial development achievements of CRRC SRI and encouraged the company to maintain the new momentum of independent innovation to continuously provide core systems and key products, give full play to the role of the backbone enterprises in rail transit industry, implement a series of projects for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, build an international marine city, and create the transformation and development growth pole in the eastern part of the country, and strive to contribute to the economic development of the province.

In the next stage, CRRC SRI will continue to "practice internal strength", constantly improve the level of innovation, rely on the scientific and technological innovation to foster new development momentum and provide more advanced system technology and key products for the industry. By promoting the transformation of "Manufactured by CRRC" to "Innovated by CRRC", CRRC SRI will contribute to polishing the "Golden Card" of CRRC, and advance local economic and social development with industrial progress.