CRRC 2018 Annual Scientific and Technological Innovation Symposium Held in Qingdao

From: 2018-11-23

From Nov. 20 to Nov. 21, CRRC 2018 annual scientific and technological innovation symposium was convened in Qingdao to summarize the scientific and technological innovation work in 2018, and discuss the top-level design of scientific and technological innovation of CRRC and key work in 2019.

Wang Jun, Member of Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of CRRC Corporation Limited, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Zhang Xinning, Chief Engineer, Yu Yuebin, Minister of Technical Quality Control Department, Gong Ming, President of CRRC Research Institute, Liu Baoming, Director of Qingdao High-speed Train Innovation Center, Xing Xiaodong, General Manager of CRRC SRI participated in the meeting.

At the meeting, 8 enterprises including CRRC Qiqihaer Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd., CRRC Dalian Co., Ltd., CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd., CRRC Yangtze Co., Ltd., CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd., CRRC Sifang Rolling Stock Research Institute Co., Ltd., CRRC Zhuzhou Institute Co., Ltd. reported on the work of scientific and technological innovation in 2018, and planned the work in 2019.

Participants were organized to conduct group discussions on scientific and technological innovation to make suggestions on the establishment of scientific and technological projects, data openness, platform establishment, resource sharing, strategic adjustment, regional layout, innovation incentives, collaborative simulation and standard setting of the Group.

Zhang Xinning conducted an in-depth analysis of scientific and technological innovation work. He emphasized that first we should strengthen top-level design, summarize the experience of joint development cooperation mode, and carefully sort out the work of next stage. Second, we should quickly start the R&D of freight car products, revision of scientific and technological innovation strategy, top-level planning of urban rail transit, whole life cycle management, and construction of lean R&D system etc. Third, we should carry out the top-level design and overall planning of the exhibition activities, and promote the solid development of International Heavy Haul Transport Congress, High-Speed Train Conference and Inno Trans Expo etc.

Wang Jun pointed out that General Secretary Xi attached great importance to the development of CRRC. During three visits in CRRC, he made ardent hopes and entrustment. In his speeches, the scientific and technological innovation of CRRC has been mentioned many times. We should improve our political stance, follow the spirit of General Secretary's important speeches in light of the political inspection requirements, and fulfill our mission, undertakings and responsibilities in the new era with new thinking.

Wang Jun made an in-depth analysis of the current international economic environment and the grim situation of new technologies, new formats and new modes. He emphasized that first we should make accurate positioning, coordinate and distribute responsibilities, use resources, well guarantee the mechanism and system, consolidate and enhance the advantages of rail transit, and constantly expand new technology areas; second, we should improve the mechanism of scientific and technological innovation. We should also perform systematic planning, step-by-step implementation and be in pursuit of productivity to ensure evaluability and accountability; third, we should clear new industry development ideas. We must adhere to differentiated development for all business segments and different industries, save R&D costs, and make good technical reserves for future development.

The conference also invited ThyssenKrupp's chief technologist to give lectures on digital transformation and new business models.

Relevant personnel from the technical quality control department and the freight car business department of CRRC, the persons in charge of locomotive, passenger car, general electromechanical and urban rail business departments, the chief engineers of relevant enterprises, the science and technology department heads, and related personnel of CRRC Research Institute and Qingdao High-speed Train Innovation Center attended the meeting.