Ⅰ General Information

1.The professional services team consists of a middle-level manager with overseas experience of vehicle delivery as a head, technical experts familiar with the product, and maintenance personnel with a wealth of product maintenance skills and experience.

2.Service in advance with smooth communication with customers to always win trust and support.

3.Services are provided once the transport ships arrive at the port. The service personnel will provide onboard service from handling, transportation, field commissioning and trial operation of the line ready to solve all existing problems.

4.The service team provides 24-hour call service so that service personnel will timely rush to the field even a user calls for technical support at mid-night.

Ⅱ Operation Mode

Customer service department is set in Overseas Business Division to coordinate the after-sales service of overseas projects. In terms of management mode, combined mechanism of fixed professional management and dispatch of maintenance personnel is adopted. In terms of guarantee mechanism of maintenance personnel, combined mechanism of professional management, rapid dispatch of domestic maintenance personnel and foreign employment.

Ⅲ Service Performance

Since 2004, the company has completed the delivery and after-sales services of projects such as passenger cars for Iran, passenger cars for DPRK, passenger cars for Syria, DMUs for Sri Lanka, locomotives and EMUs for Namibia, locomotives and passenger cars for Angola, locomotives for Madagascar, DMUs for Venezuela, metros for Singapore and passenger cars for Turkmenistan.

The products delivered to overseas customers from CRRC Sifang include locomotives, passenger cars, metro vehicles and DMUs throughout Asia, Africa, South America, operating in 25 countries and regions all over the world.

Product distribution all over the world

At present, company has set up the following overseas customer service stations:

1.Metro customer service station for Singapore;

2.DMU customer service station for Sri Lanka;

3.Passenger car customer service station for Turkmenistan