CRRC Sifang was authorized to establish work station for post-doctors in Dec. 2001. Recently, the Company successively cooperated with mobile post-doctoral stations of China Academy of Railway Sciences, Central South University, Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Beijing Jiaotong University, and recruited several post-doctors into the company station to carry out science and research work. They successively undertook following work such as technical research of urban light rail low floor vehicle, key technical research for high-speed noise mechanism and noise reduction, research on high-speed aluminum alloy carbody welding technical specification and its evaluation system, analysis of improving linear inductive traction motor performance and thrust ripple during movement, research on detection of the rapidity of the welding crack tread of high-speed train material and fatigue performance prediction, and technical research of crashworthiness safety of high-speed EMU carbody. Certain achievements have been made, actual problems during new product research and development were solved and multiple invention patents have been applied. The post-doctor leading the scientific and technical personnel to form the project team for subject research, not only solved the key technical problem during product research and development, but also improved professional skill of Company scientific and technical personnel, which played a certain role for Company science and technology progress.

Regarding scientific and research service, the Company top management supports and attaches importance to work of the station for post-doctors. The sufficient scientific and research funds provides excellent research condition and necessary research facilities. Also assistants are arranged to assist the science and research project as the case may be.

The Company has successively recruited 7 post-doctors since the work station was established. The Company recruits postdoctoral researchers according to the scientific research needs of enterprise and the postdoctoral researchers can sign a contract with the mobile post-doctoral station and work here after approved by the examination and inspection. Subsidies are given to post-doctors based on the scientific research subject and insurances are also provided. His/her spouses and children can be arranged and transferred.

Selection approach of post-doctor: (1) the post-doctor will make self-recommendation according to the research subject published in national post-doctor network. Entry station application can be forwarded after initial reception intention is reached; (2) for problems regarding the product research and development, operation maintenance and key technology breaking through, the Company will unite the professional academies to select post-doctors.

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