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CKD6D Meter Gauge Diesel Locomotive

CKD6D is the diesel locomotive for the passenger and freight transportation on the main line by CRRC Qishuyan Locomotive CO.,LTD., specially designed and manufactured for Cambodia Royal Railway. The locomotive is equipped with CAT3508B diesel engine, JF217C synchronous alternator, YZ34C traction motor. The computer control system with fault diagnosis functions and various protective devices are all provided for the safety of the locomotive running.
Main Technical Parameters
1 Purpose                          Passenger and freight transportation
2 Rail gauge                        1000mm
3 Transmission                      AC-DC electric transmission
4 Axle arrangement                   B0-B0
5 Wheel diameter                      1000mm
6 Axle load                           (15±0.45)t
7 Service weight                      (60±1.8)t
8 Max. operating power of diesel engine          880kW
9 Speed of locomotive (wheel diameter is 965mm)
a) Max. operating speed                 100km/h
b) Continuous speed                     19.4km/h
10 Tractive effort at wheel rim
a) Maximum starting tractive effort            149kN
(calculated according to the parameter of traction motor)
b) Continuous tractive effort                  110kN
11 Minimum radius of curvature negotiable       80m
12 Wheel base                                   2400mm
13 Overall dimensions(L×W×H)           15300×2720×3670mm
14 Capacity of fuel oil tank                    2500L
15 Coupler center height                   (850±10)mm