CRRC Changzhou Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Won ‘2015 High Quality Awards’ Issued by Shanghai MHI Engine Co., Ltd.

From: 2016-05-18

In 31st March, General Manager of Shanghai MHI Engine Co., Ltd. (China Office, short for Shanghai MHI) Qiu Xia, Purchasing Director Yang Hongbing and their group granted a subsidiary of CRRC QSYRI, Changzhou Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (short for the company) the prize of ‘2015 High Quality Awards’ at the company. Deputy General Manager Zheng Jianyun of CRRC QSYRI, General Manager Jiang Binsheng and Secretary of Party Affairs Wang Xiangzhong of the company warmly welcomed the group.

Qiu Xia gave high credit for quality and delivery of products, development cycle of the program, cost support, service and so forth and elaborated developing tendency in five years and new requirements of Shanghai MHI.

As a representative of the Company, Zheng Jianyun appreciated the recognition from Shanghai MHI, and then demonstrated enhancement of management, program innovation and manufacture intelligence of the company in recent years as well as expressed transformation confidence of high-end vehicle products.

During presentation, Qiu Xia and her group paid a visit to CastingⅠDepartment and Machinery Machining Department. Eventually, mutual preventatives conducted a further discussion in cases of global cooperation, delivery management, team management, etc.

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